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Ask Me Anything: Research Director Michael Cassella Pt 2

In the second installment of our "Ask Me Anything" series with Research Director Michael (Mikey) Cassella, he answers questions on topics such as making directory requests, what companies and contacts we prefer to omit from the Creative Directory, and some general tips for searching the directory as a whole.

Part of an Agency Access subscription includes exclusive access to our Directory Concierge. What does this mean for you? Simply put- it means that you can assign our team of researchers a specific project. We've had photographers make certain requests for researchers to add anything from in-house marketing contacts at swimwear brands to photo departments at colleges in the New England area. Your [prospecting] wish is our command! To get in touch with Mikey and the rest of our Research Team, log in to the App and start a chat by clicking on the red bubble on the bottom left side of your computer screen.

Keep in mind, we don't just add any old company to the directory. We take a lot of pride in the integrity of our data and have a quality assurance process our team adheres to, to make sure that the companies and contacts we add, do in fact hire image-makers.

Any recently added or recently updated contacts/companies also appear in the Recently Added section on the App, so any time a specific member does make a custom request, all of our other members are able to reap that benefit as well.

Read more about all our Directory Concierge offers here.

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