What Creative Businesses Need

Do you have what you need to bring your business to the next level? This guide will outline actionable steps you can take to ensure you have a strong marketing strategy in place that will get you recognized and remembered.

10 minute read

What Creative Businesses Need.

Do I need a printed portfolio? Ah, the question we see time and time again - Yes! But it shouldn’t be your only means of presenting your work. To be recognized, remembered, and ultimately hired, you need to have a well-rounded strategy for how you present your work. Planning doesn’t stop once you’ve figured out how many times a year you want to send an email or decide your target market. Nope, the approach goes deep into all the facets of your business and career.

With platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can be in so many more places than ever before, giving you more chances to be seen by creatives. Social channels are a great place to display your work, but don’t forget about your most important vehicle: your website! Many components go into making you set your site up for optimal success.

What you'll learn

  • How best to optimize your website for SEO
  • The best way to format your website
  • How to put together a strong printed portfolio
  • How to best utilize your social channels

About the author

Karen D'Silva

Karen D'Silva is one of today's most influential creatives in the commercial photography community. She founded Karen D'Silva Creative Services, a trend, marketing and research company designed to help photographers understand the marketplace, find where their images fit, and profile and market to clients who share the same photographic vision.

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